When your business invests in a permanent automated system, you’ll reap the rewards of efficient communication, streamlined operations, and happy customers almost immediately! While you may be already thinking of the engaging presentations you can hold in your auditorium or the short and sweet morning meetings in your new conference space, there are a few questions you’ll need to consider before installing the perfect system. Our team at Trinity Wiring Solutions has thought of seven questions to prepare your business space for a commercial audio-visual or security system perfect for your needs.

Will you renovate an existing space or create a new build for your automated system?

Although it may seem obvious, there’s a world of difference between building a new space and renovating an old one. If you’re starting fresh, your options are basically endless; you can fully customize your electrical fittings, cabling, and mounting to whatever design you have in mind. However, if renovating an existing commercial space, it’s best to consider the different ways employees and clients utilize your business so your new systems can integrate seamlessly into the workflow. For example, an AV system in a renovated bar may have a centralized control panel that makes it easy for employees to operate lights, security, and audio while customers enjoy the screens scattered around seating areas that showcase sports events, music videos, or menu specials. Our team is prepared to advise and assist you in deciding between all your options!

What are your day-to-day business operations?

This question is the most important in determining the appropriate commercial audio-visual solutions that match your idealized space and daily activities. Here are a few different scenarios that may apply to you:

  • You would like to renovate a medium-sized room for hosting private events.
  • You’d like to install a state-of-the-art audio-visual system for your concert venue.
  • You want a new conference room with a projector and screen for presentations and video calls.
  • You are thinking of individualized touchscreen menus and two separate audio systems in the kitchen and dining area for your upcoming large restaurant.
  • You’d like artistic lighting and surveillance cameras for security measures for the exterior of your building.
  • You’d like to install a security system with biometric access in your warehouse.

The range of functions for specific spaces extends far beyond these examples. Trinity Wiring Solutions is intentional in designing your system and selecting the appropriate devices for your purposes while staying within your budget.

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What are the dimensions of your space?

Every space has its own structural oddities, whether you have a curved wall or multiple support pillars. That’s why it’s best to calculate the square footage and shape of your space so we can account for these features. Next, consider the maximum number of people in your commercial space at once. How many seats are available in your auditorium? How many people fit comfortably in your conference room? The maximum occupancy will help determine the number of speakers and screens needed for clear communication, or even set bounds for triggers that may trip an alarm sensor. If you have a particularly large or strangely shaped space, we can send a team member to conduct an on-site assessment to determine the opportunities and limitations.

What kind of audio system will pair with your business?

Do you have a massive foyer where you tend to hold press conferences? Or an elegant showroom that features your products in an ambient setting? Will your employees like the idea of a full-building intercom system, or is it best to separate by floor or department? Do you want to your clients or employees to be able to control the music? Your commercial space will determine your audio systems, whether you seek an 11-channel surround sound with explosive subwoofers for your auditorium or a speaker embedded every 10 feet in the ceiling of your office for music and announcements.

What is the size of your budget?

Determining your budget can feel like an overwhelming step for many business owners, but large or small, you have professional options for your commercial automated system. We recommend you consider two different floorplans; the first scenario is your dream outcome with all the extra fun features, and the second incorporates the bare necessities for your daily operations. Your budget will fall somewhere in the middle! After you meet with us about all the ways you want to see your business function, we can assemble pricing options and an installation schedule so we can achieve your top priorities. And you can always add more features later!

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Would you like to integrate your commercial automated system?

We highly recommend integrating your automated system for ease of use. Automation means operating your audio, visual, lighting, and even security from a single control center, whether an app, a touchpad, or a voice assistant. This solution maximizes your time by starting up or shutting down your business in seconds and is possible even for less technically savvy employees to handle. Kill all the lights with the touch of a button, pause the music to make an announcement that only lasts seconds, check your CCTV camera feed activity over the past hour, and more. Customize your centralized commercial control system to help you achieve your company’s benchmarks. 

Will my automated system be obsolete in a few years?

Technology solutions are transforming faster than ever in this day and age. However, we can guarantee that your security, lighting, or audio-visual system will properly perform for an extended period. Even if the latest touchscreen tech is out of your company’s budget range, we incorporate commercial solutions that will feel timeless as the years continue. We stay on top of knowing what a trendy device versus a mainstay solution is, so we can help our clients optimize on the investments for as long as possible. We choose top-quality solutions and trusted company partners that have the potential to incorporate renovations and add-ons if you decide to make upgrades to your system in the future.

Here at Trinity Wiring Solutions, we offer automated solutions for residential and commercial applications. If you’d like to upgrade your office, warehouse, or restaurant with cutting-edge technology, contact us today to begin!