Are you tired of having to work around the weak Wi-Fi in the conference room or slow speeds in the office breakroom? “Mesh networking” is a term growing more common to anyone looking to extend and strengthen Wi-Fi coverage in their company. It’s a straightforward process: you place satellite routers, known as nodes, wherever you please that are linked to your main router to create a mesh system. No matter the number of users or devices on a single network, enjoying high speeds is within reach; dead zones will become a problem of the past. Here are four reasons that Trinity Wiring Solutions believes that mesh networking is the future for company success.

Leave Wired Connections Behind

Traditional Wi-Fi setups have used range extenders to expand coverage, but this solution’s limitations lie in the dead zones that are created, as well as the annoyance of having wired connections from the access point to each additional router. On the other hand, mesh technology can eliminate both!

Once you’ve set up your main router, you get to choose where you’d like to place the satellite nodes used to extend your bubble of network strength. These nodes communicate with each other and to the main router so you’ll experience a consistent internet connection to the edges of your company’s office, store, restaurant, or even warehouse! Don’t let the availability of a wired port determine where you get to enjoy Wi-Fi coverage.

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Eliminate Dead Zones

Every building struggles with dead zones. You and your employees are likely acutely aware of the spaces that have sluggish internet connections or lagging Zoom calls. While most wireless routers can provide full coverage to a small office or restaurant, any company space bigger than that feels the effects. A company that may be housed in a building with multiple levels, metal or concrete substructures, or dense walls may be at a loss with traditional wireless routers. Furthermore, range extenders only produce half the desired bandwidth, meaning that weak zones are still an issue. Every time you enter a different access point in your company, you’re required to log in to a new network SSID, which drains the battery of a phone or laptop as it constantly switches between networks.

However, mesh Wi-Fi grants the user a signal that’s powerful and consistent under one network, meaning you don’t need to log in to a new network as you move throughout the building. Furthermore, you can add as many satellite nodes as you need; there’s no limit to the number you can use to extend your Wi-Fi coverage. Mesh networks are considered a slightly more expensive investment than the classic Wi-Fi router setup, but we believe the benefits are entirely worth every penny.

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Enjoy a Stronger Network

Depending on your business, you may have a range of devices that use your networks: tablets that process customer payments in a restaurant, an army of computers that line the cubicles of your office, or employees’ cellphones. As we have more Wi-Fi-dependent technology in our business spaces, more bandwidth is consumed every year. However, when paired with Wi-Fi 6, the newest generation, users will receive unparalleled speed and coverage. You and your employees will be able to host video conferences, stream, run programs, and browse the internet to achieve all the necessary work tasks of the day. There are even particular systems made specifically to use Wi-Fi 6 available for purchase.

Even if one of your nodes fails, you’ll still have internet access and continue business as usual. The main router and nodes are equipped with internal antennas, and most producers have omitted the irritating blinking lights, meaning they will blend quietly into the background of your office, warehouse, or restaurant without distracting patrons or employees. Adjusting antennas and resetting the router are now problems of the past.

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Hassle-Free Installation and Management

One of the most idealized aspects of Wi-Fi mesh network systems is their ease of network management. They don’t require much technical knowledge to install so you can do it yourself if you don’t want to enlist professional help. The majority of modern systems have instructions for a swift and painless installation process along with suggestions for node placements.

Mesh networking systems are inherently smart, meaning they will automatically choose the ideal Wi-Fi channel and radio band for the best wireless connection. If you need admin access, there’s no confusing website you have to log in to; instead, a paired app on your mobile device acts as the control center to manage individual devices and security settings. Mesh networks are also equipped with stronger security support than traditional routers, including an advanced feature where you can screen out and block out malicious websites. These smart devices automatically install system updates, meaning you probably won’t feel like you have to check in on your system too often.

The Future of Your Business is with Mesh Networks

Mesh networks are helping you to stay connected to business matters wherever you are. By keeping up with technology trends, you’re helping your business stay on task to meet its desired goals. Mesh networking is an innovative solution, the logical next step in expanding your internet coverage, as you leave wired connections and cumbersome maintenance in the past. If you have more questions about satellite nodes or are feeling excited to choose which mesh networking system you’d like to install for your company, contact our team at Trinity Wiring Solutions today to get started!