Advantages of Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Jun 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

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commercial video surveillance system

If you own a business, you need commercial video security systems installed. These systems provide critical protections from theft, burglary, and liability.

In fact, the benefits of commercial video surveillance are so extensive, you will likely end up saving money when you have one installed. As you are considering your options to help protect your commercial properties, here are five benefits from commercial video surveillance that you need to understand.

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1. Protect Your Business from the Risk of Theft

When you leave a property with minimal personnel on hand, you put that property at risk of theft. While you can hire security to watch the building, there’s always a risk of someone breaking in.

Video surveillance not only deters burglars when they see the cameras, but it also gives you something to gather evidence from, should you have a theft. At Trinity Wiring Solutions, LLC, our commercial video surveillance security systems are able to connect with local law enforcement, alerting them the first moment you have a potential break-in occurring.

2. Reduce Instances of Employee Theft

Theft from outsiders is not the only risk to your business. Unfortunately, employees are often the ones taking what doesn’t belong with them. When you install commercial security systems, you are able to put a stop to these behaviors. Also, many employees will be less tempted to steal from their employer when they know they are being watched.

3. Monitor Daily Workflow

Commercial security cameras give you that “fly on the wall” look into how your business operates. This means you can spot:

  • Customer service problems
  • Inefficient workers
  • Workers doing a good job
  • Areas where workflow can be improved

Video surveillance is more effective than regular management reviews because employees are always on their best behaviors around the boss. The cameras will capture what really happens when you aren’t around.

4. Prevent False Worker’s Compensation Claims

Sometimes, employees try to take advantage of worker’s compensation insurance by making claims of injuries that did not actually happen on the job. Video surveillance allows you to see exactly what happened.

If a worker makes an unsubstantiated claim, you will have video evidence that helps protect you from the resulting increased energy bills. On the other hand, if the claim is legitimate but your insurance provider is fighting it, you can provide valued employees with video evidence to help them get the medical care they need.

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5. Improve Video & Imaging Over Old Systems

Perhaps you think that you do not need a new system from Trinity Wiring Solutions, LLC because you already have video surveillance. However, older systems tend to record grainy images and videos, making it hard to find perpetrators when problems arise.

Also, they require storage of bulky videos. Not so with today’s digital systems. Now, you can have high-resolution imagery stored in a digital format, giving you greater control over your business surveillance.

Commercial Video Surveillance in VA, MD & Washington, DC

Are you ready to enjoy these commercial security benefits? The team at Trinity Wiring Solutions, LLC offers a number of commercial video surveillance solutions to help.

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