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Difference Between a Firefighter & a Builder Installed Smoke Detector

Hate being woken up by the pesky sound of beeping? It may be time to replace your battery! In order to do so, you must first locate where the beeping is coming from. If the sound is coming from your home’s main keypad, it is most likely a Trinity installed device. Your system’s keypad or Alarm.com App will always alert via notification if a Trinity installed device has a low battery. If there is a low battery alert in your home that is not displayed on your Trinity keypad or Alarm.com App, then it’s most likely a builder installed product such as a Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detector.

Your home’s Smoke Detectors (not installed or maintained by Trinity) and your Trinity installed Firefighter may also beep as a signal of low battery. It is important to understand the difference between Smoke Detectors and Firefighters as each serves a different purpose in the home. Keep reading for more details. Please note that all batteries can be found at your local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes.

Smoke Detector
Difference Between A Firefighter & A Builder Installed Smoke Detector 2

Smoke Detector

A Smoke Detector is a fire protection device that is installed by your home builder to automatically sense smoke in the home.

When smoke is detected, the Smoke Detector will sound off a beeping that informs the home’s occupants as well as the Trinity installed Firefighter that smoke is detected. The Trinity installed Firefighter will notify the main security panel in your home and the Trinity Monitoring Station to dispatch the fire department immediately.

Important Note:

Please note that Trinity does NOT install Smoke Detectors or replace the battery. This is the responsibility of the homeowner. If your Smoke Detector is beeping, it is most likely a low battery and needs to be replaced. Please click here to watch the video on how to replace your Smoke Detector battery.

We recommend checking if your Smoke Detectors are working properly and cleaning the device of any dust and debris at least once a year. Once the Smoke Detector reaches its average life span of 5-10 years, the device needs to be replaced. You may find Smoke Detectors at your local hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowes.


A Firefighter is a device that is installed by Trinity Monitoring to ensure your home is under fire monitoring. The Firefighter listens for the sound of your builder-installed Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Once a sound is detected, the Firefighter sends a signal to your home’s Trinity Monitored alarm system to notify your mobile device that the Smoke Detector went off and dispatches the fire department immediately. To change the battery, click here to watch the video.

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