Have you put up or getting ready to put up your holiday lights? Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate smart lights into your smart home or security system to help you enjoy a safer holiday season by providing security, savings, and convenience.



Smart lights provide an extra measure of security for your home and family. Outdoor smart lights help deter any wandering prowlers by automatically illuminating your home after dark. Indoor smart lights kick on in a bedroom, dark hallway, or kitchen so you’re not tripping over any forgotten toy in your path during your late night snack run. You can even control the power to small appliances to kick on and off alongside your smart lights.



Save money and energy during this busy holiday season. Have your Christmas lights turn off at midnight and turn on the next day as soon as it gets dark to save on your electricity bill.



With access to a mobile device, your smart lights offer the ultimate convenience from anywhere. Turn your lights on as soon as you arrive home every day or turn off the kitchen or hallway light while you’re cozied up with a mountain of blankets too comfortable to move.

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