Trinity Porch

At the end of 2019, Americans spent more than $600 billion in online shopping and as online shopping hits prime time during the holiday season, so does the risk of package theft. Decrease the chances of your packages being stolen or misplaced by incorporating a Skybell doorbell camera to your delivery routine and stop porch pirates right in their tracks by following these steps.


Verify the Visitor

• Check your package’s estimated delivery time and use your Skybell camera to communicate with your delivery person through 2-way voice.

Tri1 1

Direct the Delivery

• Instruct the delivery person to leave your package in a safe location. Open your garage or unlock your front door through the app to have your package placed inside and away from the open.

Tri1 2

Secure the Door

• After your package is safely inside, lock your door or close your garage from your app.

Keeping porch pirates away and protecting your home goes hand in hand. What would stop a thief stealing a package from going one step further into your home? Install a monitored home security system that can help scare any possible thieves away, arm your system during the night or while you’re away, install motion activated lights and outdoor cameras, and place yard signs and stickers on your property. Protect your packages, family, and home with Trinity.

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