Why Staying Connected While Maintaining Social Distancing Is Important

Apr 28, 2020 | Uncategorized


Are you juggling both working from home and trying to interact with family? We know we are. If you have a business, you are probably spending most of your time in front of your screen working. It’s easy to forget to switch off from work while we’re at home due to our new temporary normal. Therefore, it’s important to maintain connection with friends and family as much as we can. A lack of human interaction can greatly impact anyone’s overall mental health. Staying connected virtually can be a way to maintain a sense of much needed interaction with friends and family when we cannot do so physically. Today’s new technology provides us a way to do that. Below are a few steps on how to stay connected with your loved ones whether it be at home or through the web.


  1. Check in on your elderly loved ones

To make it a little easier for your elderly loved ones to reach you, our Wellness Camera or Wellcam (pictured above), can be a way to communicate with your family using two-way audio. The Wellness Camera also allows video so that you can check in at any time to see if Grandma is still watching TV like she said she was.

  1. Create a Facebook group or group message for family

Have news to share? Create a private Facebook page just for your immediate and extended family to keep everyone updated and in the loop. This way, everyone can see what you’re up to and be able to respond in real time!

  1. Set aside time for your family

We can all get carried away with work that we oftentimes forget to schedule some time during the day for our kids, spouses, and even pets. Even if it’s just thirty-minutes at the dinner table with your kids, an early morning coffee session in your pajamas with your spouse, or a ten-minute walk outside with your pet, we cannot forget the importance of giving your undivided attention and spending time with family in any way that we can.

  1. Schedule a group video call with friends

If you work from home, you may know how much virtual conference calls have taken over the way we interact with our colleagues. Many companies are using the video conferencing platform, Zoom, to stay connected while working from home. You can do the same with your friends! Just set up a Zoom link and share!

  1. Connect through social media

Social media has provided us with so many ways to connect virtually with people from all around the globe. When you get a free moment during the day, send a kind note to someone letting them know you were thinking about them! A little act of kindness can go a long way.


With all of us staying home, like we should be, we are trying to juggle both work and family life. By staying connected with your family and friends by following these helpful tips, we can maintain a sense of normalcy in such unprecedented times. Calling a friend, sending a kind note, and scheduling time for your kids can be very beneficial for maintaining connectivity while also maintaining your mental health.