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Social distancing and staying at home can start to get mundane over time and for families with children can seem daunting and stressful to try and come up with things to do while trying to implement Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocols. However, our days don’t have to be as routine as we think. Mixing it up and planning certain activities throughout the day can help give us something to look forward to everyday! In attempts to shed light on our current situation, we wanted to relieve some of the stress of coming up with ideas by creating a list of 10 Things To Do With Your Family While Being Stuck at Home.

  1. Get active!

A great way to stay in shape and a way to get your kids, and yourself, to burn off some steam is to stay active! Even though gyms are closed at the moment, many gyms and personal trainers are offering FREE at-home workouts that are easy to follow allowing you to maintain your fitness from the comfort of your own home. If you like to go about things at your own time and at your own pace, YouTube has thousands of videos you can follow along to. You can also take a walk around the neighborhood and get some fresh air. Staying active doesn’t have to be a hassle! The important thing is to keep moving!

  1. Have a movie night

Lay down your comfiest blankets, your plushest pillows, pop some popcorn, and turn on your favorite movie. With many streaming services offered like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+, watching movies from home has never been easier! Turning on a movie can be the most hassle-free form of entertainment and lets you and your partner relax knowing that everyone is occupied.

Live alone? You can host a watch party with your friends from the comfort of your own home. Netflix offers a watch party feature that allows synchronized video playback with your friends as well as adding a chat box so that everyone’s in the loop!

  1. Read a book, listen to an audiobook or podcast

I know we all have a few books that are collecting dust on our bookshelves that we have all been wanting to read but haven’t had the time for. Well, now is the perfect time to start a new book, listen to an audiobook or podcast. These are great ways to keep yourself and your kids entertained while also helping them get in their daily reading. It’s a win-win!

  1. Play board games

Playing board games can help fuel some friendly competition. Amazon has some great ones like Monopoly, Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity, Yahtzee, and Codenames.

  1. Make slime

I think we have all seen those satisfying slime videos online that we could watch for hours. Well, it could be a great way to entertain your kids. Plus, there are many ways to make it!

  1. Go camping in your living room

No bugs, no extreme heat, no freezing nights, and no chance of getting rained on while camping from the comfort of your living room. We can guarantee a great indoor camping experience “under the stars” or under your LED lights.

  1. Get crafty!

Pull out some scissors, some construction paper, and any other craft material and get your creative juices flowing! Don’t have any material? Don’t worry, many stores are now offering curbside pickup such as Michaels Craft Store.

  1. Cook or Bake

One of the best ways to bond with your partner or family is through cooking a great meal! Plus, there are some amazing recipes online that are easy and fun to make with the kids!

  1. Indoor obstacle course

Create an indoor obstacle course with things you have around your house. To make things harder, pretend the floor is hot lava!

  1. Call or video chat with friends or family

We all miss our friends and family during this difficult time. Make a phone or video call to let a loved one know how much you care about them! Or start a group chat with all your friends. Facetime for Apple allows for multiple video calls so that no one feels left behind.

We all don’t really feel like ourselves lately. Staying at home doesn’t have to be dreadful. This list of 10 Things To Do With Your Family While Being Stuck at Home can help you pass the time while doing something fun. We want to continue to make a conscious effort to stay safe with social distancing as well as following the recommendations set in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, we can get creative with the way we spend our time! The team at Trinity Wiring Solutions, LLC want to remind you that we will get through this. We’re all in this together!