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Security for Multiple Dwelling Units

Residential Security in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC

Do you own or manage a multiple dwelling unit such as a large apartment building, condominium, senior housing unit, or military housing complex? Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions provides security for apartments and renters, as well as multi-family security systems.

Multiple dwelling units have a unique set of security needs that range from managing guests and deliveries to foot traffic, security threats, and more. For these reasons, multi-dwelling units benefit substantially from professional security services.

To schedule home security services for apartments or renters, call Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions at ​800-613-1874 or contact us online now! 

Our Multi-Family Security Systems and Services

At Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions, we provide several security solutions for multiple dwelling units, including the following services:

Are you looking for multi-family security systems? Or security for apartments or renters? Based in Manassas, Virginia, we offer comprehensive security solutions throughout the areas of Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC to protect your home, business, property, and the people you care about.

For residential security solutions in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, contact us today or call 800-613-1874!

What Is Smarter Home Security?

Residential Security Solutions for Multiple Dwelling Units

Are you looking for a way to boost security for your home or multiple dwelling units? A connected property powered by Alarm.com allows you to monitor and protect your home—and everyone in it.

More than just a smart app, Alarm.com seamlessly connects the key systems in the home, so they work more intelligently together for you.

With a smart home powered by Alarm.com, you can:

  • Protect what matters most, no matter where you are
  • Know who’s coming in and out
  • Rest assured your loved ones are safe
  • Create the perfect climate and ambiance
  • Take control of your energy use
  • Integrate voice-controlled automation devices

Do you have questions about installing a smarter home security system for your home or multiple dwelling units? Call us at 800-613-1874 or contact us today!

Smarter Home Security Options

If you own or manage multiple dwelling units, you’ll know that home security systems can be critically important. With innovative features such as mobile apps, home automation, and audio/video surveillance, keeping your loved ones protected with professionally monitored Smarter Home Security will help you to always be connected to what’s happening at home.

Smarter Home Security offers the following services:

  • Dedicated connection – Dedicated and secure cellular communication provides safe, reliable, uninterrupted protection.
  • Two-way emergency voice – Communicate directly with first responders via the security panel during emergencies.
  • Crash & Smash protection – A Security System for Your Security System™, this service keeps your system working, even if the security panel is damaged.
  • Always on awareness – Get real-time notifications by text or email the moment something happens in your home.

Give us a call at 800-613-1874 or contact us today to schedule a consultation for Smarter Home Security for your multi-family units today!

Smart Locks

Maintain complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your home. Your Alarm.com powered Smart Lock system seamlessly integrates door locks to give you real-time insight and access control.

The following are top features of Smart Locks for your multiple dwelling unit:

  • Remote control – Use the app to instantly know the status of any door and easily lock or unlock doors, or raise and lower garage doors, no matter where you are.
  • Alerts – Get reminders and custom notifications when a door is left open or to see who is entering the home.
  • Unique user codes – Give contractors and babysitters scheduled temporary access with unique lock codes and get alerts whenever they lock or unlock the door.
  • Automation and triggers – Set your system to disarm automatically when you unlock a door or have the garage door closed when the system is armed.

Are you looking for a residential security solution for your multiple dwelling unit? Call us at 800-613-1874 or contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Energy Management

Alarm.com connects your thermostats and lighting to your security system for a smarter, more responsive set of options for saving energy.

  • Precision comfort – The Alarm.com Smart Thermostat allows you to take control of your energy use and easily automate temperature settings—offering a new level of comfort.
  • Remote access and control – Access and control the comforts of home right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer—no matter where you are.
  • Location-based automation – Use Geo-Services to have your thermostat and lights automatically adjust to save energy while you’re out, yet always return to a comfortable temperature before you get home.
  • Custom schedules – Manage your lights and temperature settings with automated schedules. Create easy rules to have an added layer of smart automation based on system activity.
  • Critical temperature alerts – Receive text or email alerts to know instantly if the temperature is outside your preset limits.

If you are looking for a better way to manage your home’s lighting, thermostats, residential security systems, or more, get in touch with us today to discuss energy management systems for your home in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC.

Call us today at 800-613-1874 or contact us today to speak with our team!

Home Automation

With home automation services, you can maintain easy control and intelligent home automation through a single app. Our home automation services provide the following services:

  • Fully connected – Your Alarm.com powered system assembles the information from all your connected devices—including lights, locks, thermostats, and sensors, enabling them to work together seamlessly.
  • Location-based Geo-Services – Geo-Services gives you automation that responds based on your phone’s location. Have your thermostat automatically adjust when you leave for work or get a reminder if you forget to arm the security system when you drive away.
  • Easy control – Not just for your smartphones or tablets anymore, you can also use Apple, Amazon, and Google devices with your Alarm.com powered system. With the press of a button or a simple voice command, your home can easily perform any number of automation controls.
  • Scenes – Control your entire home with just one tap! Scenes lets you adjust multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you’re waking up or going to bed, your home can be the way you want it to be designed, instantly.

Schedule Security Solutions for Multiple Dwelling Units

Servicing Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC

At Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions, we provide residential security solutions for homes and multiple dwelling units throughout the areas of Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. We focus on comprehensive security solutions for homes and buildings of all sizes and design needs.

Request a consultation or call 800-613-1874 for residential security solutions for your multiple dwelling unit today!

Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions Service Area

Our security company serves Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Our services extend out to homes and businesses throughout the areas of Washington, DC, as well as near Arlington, McLean, Reston, and Alexandria in Virginia, and Bethesda, Potomac, and Silver Spring in Maryland.

Call 800-613-1874 or contact Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions online now for security for renters and apartments, and multi-family security systems!

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