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Security Systems for Hospitals and Medical Offices

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Hospitals and medical offices not only maintain healthcare records and sensitive information, but they’re also filled with essential employees and patients who need to be secure and protected at all times. Having a reliable security system for your hospital or medical office is crucial. Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions provides professional hospital security systems and services. We’ll work one on one with you to understand your hospital or medical office safe and secure.

To learn more about how Trinity can help you maintain a safe and secure hospital, call us now at 800-613-1874.

Why Your Hospital or Medical Center Needs a Custom-Designed Security System

Keeping your hospital or medical office’s employees and patients safe is a priority. It’s important to have a custom-designed security system for your hospital or medical office to protect against:

  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Disgruntled employees or patients
  • Identity theft or stolen sensitive information

Our Security Solutions

Access Control

There are certain entrances or areas in your hospital and medical office that you want accessible only to authorized personnel. So, you’ll want to have control over who is and isn’t going in and out, especially when it comes to rooms that hold equipment, medicines, information, and other valuable property. Having an access control system can help with who can and can’t access certain areas of your hospital or medical office. This can be done with user codes, key cards and fobs, telephone entry, and auto-lock doors.

Thermal Scanning Products

During the pandemic, it’s crucial to keep medical personnel, patients, and visitors safe from getting or spreading the virus. Trinity offers state-of-the-art thermal imaging scanners and digitized hand sanitation stations to ensure the safety and health of your employees and patients. We offer a variety of options to fit your specific needs for keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Audiovisual Services

You can make your employee meetings more efficient, entertaining, and tech-savvy with audio and visual installation services. Trinity has highly trained business technology professionals capable of upgrading your hospital or medical office’s audio and visual systems. Our audiovisual services not only level up your functionality and entertainment options, they also increase security.

Building Security Systems

Having a professional and reliable building security system is crucial for protecting against theft and vandalism. Our building security solutions includes commercial video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control systems, and fire prevention systems. Building security systems will not only keep your property more secure, but it will also keep your employees and patients safer.

Wall Safes

Having a safe to protect cash, paperwork, and other valuables for your hospital or medical office is crucial. Trinity provides a variety of wall safes and wall safe monitoring systems to fit your security needs. From cash and valuables to patient paperwork and sensitive employee information, you can rest assured it will remain safe and secure.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems have many advantages, especially for hospitals. From monitoring productivity and patients to knowing what’s going on in every area of your building at all times, having a commercial video surveillance system can help keep your hospital or medical office more safe and secure and also be very helpful in the aftermath of a possible incident. Trinity will help you choose the right video surveillance system and services for your specific needs.

Why Choose Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions?

At Trinity, we take security seriously. We’re dedicated to providing reliable, turn-key security solutions for hospitals and medical offices to give owners, employees, and patients peace of mind. You can count on us to provide the highest level of security available and help you maintain and safe and secure building at all times. We build long-term relationships with all of our customers, meaning you can always count on us for all your security needs for the long-run.

Contact Trinity Wiring and Security Solutions today by calling 800-613-1874 to set up a service.

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