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Hospital Access Control Systems

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In the healthcare industry, access control is critical. Whether you are protecting patients from intrusion on their privacy, keeping your lab areas protected from unnecessary contaminants, or even protecting patients from wandering where they should not be, you need to know who is coming and going in your facility.

Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions is a home and business security company based in Manassas, Virginia that can offer you hospital access control system installation services and monitoring services to suit your needs.

To update, upgrade, or install a hospital access control system, contact us today or call 800-613-1874!

Give the Right People the Right Access

Access control systems for hospitals and medical facilities differ from access systems for other commercial buildings and office spaces in several critical ways:

  • They must be capable of restricting access to sensitive areas, including where pharmaceuticals and expensive equipment are stored.
  • They must reduce the number of “touchpoints” to prevent the spread of disease.
  • They must protect vulnerable patients from potential outside harm.

Though access control technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, many Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC hospitals and medical facilities still rely on outdated systems that can leave patients, staff, and the facility at risk.

Our hospital access control systems are designed to give the right people easy access to the areas of your medical facility that they need to access. Keep things running smoothly while still protecting important security with the help of Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions.

Healthcare Access Control System Features

When you partner with Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions to revamp your facility’s access control, you can rest assured you are getting exceptional security and functionality.

Our access control systems offer advanced security features such as:

  • Keycard or key fob access
  • Remote arming and disarming features
  • Event history search feature
  • Ability to access multiple systems from one account
  • Simple user code management
  • Multiple layers to protect all interior rooms as needed
  • Auto-locking doors options

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How Access Control Protects Your Medical Facility

Why is access control a critical part of running a safe healthcare facility? Some of the benefits you will enjoy with one of our access control systems include:

  • Ability to restrict specific areas – Sometimes in a healthcare facility, you will need to restrict particular areas, like x-ray and lab facilities, to only authorized personnel. Our system lets you do this.
  • See insight into traffic – Where is the most traffic coming to and from your facility? See this at a glance with our systems.
  • Simple lockdown when needed – From time to time, healthcare facilities need to lock down their buildings to keep patients safe. Control the entire system from one app or device to keep your patients and workers safe.
  • Protect patient privacy – Keep patients safe and their information private by restricting who can enter patient care areas.

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Healthcare Access Control in Northern VA, MD & DC

Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions serves Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Our services extend out to homes and businesses throughout the areas of Washington, DC, as well as near Arlington, McLean, Reston, and Alexandria in Virginia, and Bethesda, Potomac, and Silver Spring in Maryland.

Contact our team today to discuss healthcare access control and other healthcare security systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Access Control for Healthcare Facilities

What is the main purpose of access control for hospitals and other healthcare facilities?

Access control has become a vital security measure for many organizations. Healthcare facility access control aims to give patients and staff quick, convenient access to the facility while simultaneously restricting access to unauthorized people.

Why is access control for medical facilities so important?

In environments where patients, sensitive documentation, medications, and high-value equipment abound, hospitals and other healthcare facilities must minimize the risk of unauthorized access to both physical and logical systems. A fundamental component of security compliance programs and regulations, access control ensures a facility’s security policies are upheld.

How do I know if my access control system is secure?

Hackers and criminals are working tirelessly to defeat access control systems that aren’t secured by end-to-end encryption. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your people and assets. If your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC hospital or medical facility’s access control system doesn’t include end-to-end encryption, it should be updated or replaced to use encrypted credentials that cannot be duplicated.

Have more questions about access control systems for your DC, MD, or VA hospital or medical facility? Contact Trinity online today or call us at 800-613-1874 to learn more.

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