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Security Systems for Manufacturers

Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions provides clients across the greater capital region with protection against a variety of threats with our cutting-edge custom manufacturing facility security systems. Because we’re an award-winning company with monitoring sites spread across the country, you can be sure that whatever your security goals or needs may be, the team at Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions knows how to meet your expectations — and exceed them.

Start planning a custom security system for your manufacturing facility with the help of Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions today. Dial 800-613-1874 or reach out to us online to get started.

Factory Security Challenges: Why Your Manufacturing Facility Needs a Custom Security System

Manufacturing facilities can involve a heady mix of high-value property, materials, and data that can be tempting for a wide variety of malicious actors — to say nothing of site threats that stem from negligence, human error, interpersonal disputes, etc. Here are a few of the things you should be looking to protect against with a custom security system:

  • Theft or burglary of materials and data. Whether you’re worried about after-hours attacks on your property or insiders taking items or information they should not have, it’s important to protect against both.
  • Violence. Any location with a number of people can have interpersonal disputes or problems with the company that may turn into violence. Proper deterrence can drastically reduce incidents of this nature.
  • Violation of policy, laws, and standards. In many cases, the biggest security threats to your manufacturing facility aren’t intentional attacks on your facility or your property but patterns of behavior that put your business or property at risk.
  • Hybrid physical/cyber attacks. Not all digital attacks involve outside hackers busting past your IT department. You can combat the physical component of tech attacks with proper physical solutions; you’ll want to watch out for RFID scanners, poor security management, etc.

When considering security solutions, it’s important to realize that it’s difficult to completely and effectively secure any site with a large number of people or a very determined opponent. Therefore, our goals with security solutions often are as much to discourage and document as they are to prevent breaches physically. A custom security system lets you decide exactly how to balance convenience, visibility, documentation potential, and pure security against one another and your budget.

Find out more about manufacturing facility threats and what the team at Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions can do to protect you against them by dialing 800-613-1874 or messaging us online.

Our Security Solutions

Access Control Systems

Know who is on your property and keep those who shouldn’t be there out with our advanced access control systems. Our custom solutions let you manage access via key codes, keycards, fobs, phone-in systems, and more.

Video Surveillance Systems

Effective video surveillance provides a potent blend of discouragement and documentation, so you’ll know exactly what is going on — or what happened — on your property. Leverage our remote viewing technology for 24/7 monitoring of your premises, with local and cloud backup, and you can stream and search footage at any time. Worried about what’s happening on-site when you’re not there? Now you don’t have to.

Wall Safes and Wall Safe Monitoring Systems

Store documentation, data, and high-value low-volume materials for security and employee safety, with our wall safes and monitoring systems.

24-Hour Building Monitoring From On-Call Professionals

We offer 24/7 monitoring by our on-call professionals, who will notice and react to anything your system detects in a matter of minutes.

Customizable Building Security Solutions

No two manufacturing facilities have the exact same set of concerns, needs, and constraints.  Let our team of security system professionals work with you to design a facility security solution that truly matches your needs.

Why Choose Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions?

Our company has provided companies throughout the region with premium electronics and security solutions for over two decades, winning awards and satisfying countless clients along the way. We work towards the long-term success of our relationships with our clients, which means taking the proper steps to keep your facilities safe, even when it means more work on our end.

Learn more about what makes our team one of the top-rated security companies in the nation, according to SDM Magazine. Call 800-613-1874 or contact us online to get started.

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