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Security Systems for Government Buildings

Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions proudly offers its services in designing high-quality security systems for government buildings to federal, state, and municipal governments in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Our high-end security solutions include surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and more, alongside more mundane safety technology such as fire prevention and alarm technology.

Secure your buildings, improve the safety of employees and the public, and protect government property with our customized solutions

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Government Building Security Challenges: Why Your Public Building Needs a Custom-Designed Security System

Government buildings often require specialized security solutions to meet the unique set of threats that face the properties and employees of federal, state, and municipal governments. Here are just a few of the most common threats governments may want their buildings protected against with custom-designed security systems:

  • Break-ins and burglary. Government buildings face many of the same risks as any other building, even in those buildings with fewer high-worth assets.
  • Employee harassment or assault. Government employees often face the ire of the public. Make sure they’re safe with access control systems and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Vandalism and threats associated with riots. Monitor your site for normal vandalism or for damages associated with riots.
  • Identity theft. Because government buildings frequently deal with large amounts of data on the public, it’s important that measures be in place to protect that data against third parties.
  • High-tech threats (i.e., RFID scanners and hacks). Easy access to the interior of government buildings makes it much easier for high-tech threats to be acted upon, offering access for installation of malicious devices or access to government computers.
  • Terrorism and other politically-motivated crimes. Government buildings can be a priority target for ideological crimes of all forms and shapes, and they should be protected according to their likely exposure.

Contact the team at Trinity Wiring & Security Systems for a free consultation to discuss your government security needs.

Our Security Solutions

Access control systems

Track and control who comes in and out of your buildings and its secure areas with cutting-edge access control systems, featuring technologies such as user-specific access codes, key card swipe entry, key fob entry, telephone entry, auto-lock doors, and logging software.

Video surveillance systems

Benefit from high definition, high-grade security cameras in a variety of models, feeding into 24/7 cloud recording, with local backup and live-streaming technology. Easily accessible from multiple locations, with search functions, backup features, and 24-hour monitoring available.

Secure conference and AV installations

Remote conferences and audiovisual installations can be useful tools, but they must be managed appropriately as part of your comprehensive security plans to avoid creating gaps in your IT security and physical security.

Remote access control

With remove access video technology, trusted individuals will be able to monitor video feeds from surveillance cameras without being on-site. This allows for reliable monitoring in the face of suspicious activity or active threats without requiring a 24/7 presence at your facility.

Wall safes and wall safe monitoring systems

Secure important documents and other important materials with our full selection of wall safes and safe monitoring systems.

24-hour building monitoring from on-call professionals

Benefit from 24/7 monitoring of your building’s security systems by on-call professionals as part of your security service. In the event of any alarm trigger, including break-ins, fires, etc., you can rest easy in the knowledge that trained professionals are taking action to make sure appropriate actions are taken.

Customizable building security solutions

Need more specialized technology or solutions? Our team is happy to help develop a tailored plan to match the security needs of any governmental building, from lightweight security for public-facing offices to heavily secured sites.

Why Choose Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions?

The team at Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions has worked for over 20 years to deliver our clients superior customer service while exceeding our clients’ needs. We always aim for timely, professional operations, and we’re guided by principles that focus on developing long-term relationships with our clients by “doing the right thing” every step of the way.

That’s why today, we’re an award-winning security firm rated as one of SDM Magazine’s Top 100 Security Companies in the United States, with multiple award-winning monitoring facilities nationwide.

Need to procure custom security systems for a government building in Maryland, Virginia, or DC? Call 800-613-1874 today!


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