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Our Premium Interactive Home Security Systems, Puts You In Control Of Your Family And Home’s Security And Safety!



Our Interactive Home Security Systems Puts You In Control Of Your Security And Safety!

Trinity Wiring Solutions is a fully licensed security alarm company. Our security technicians are also individually licensed and professionally trained.

We start all of our projects with a walkthrough of your home and a review of your house plans to ensure that the system we design for you meets the security alarm requirements of both you and the State. We a number of security solutions for your home:

24-Hour Monitoring Services:  As part of all our Alarm Systems, we also offer 24/7 monitoring services that will notify emergency services in the event of an alarm.

Burglary Alarm Systems: With our security burglar alarm-only systems, we design your alarm system with intrusion protection in mind. Usually these systems include a keypad to arm and disarm the alarm system. Then we add sensors to the doors and optionally to the windows. We usually also add a handful of motion detectors as required.

Fire Alarm Systems: Our home fire alarm solutions are design to help protect your family from both fires and smoke inhalation. Our professional installers are all licensed and our solutions meet all local, state, and national fire alarm codes to help ensure life safety and minimize the damage to property.

Medical Monitoring: Upgrading your alarm systems with gas leak sensors, carbon monoxide detection, and even flood detectors can be a major factor in the health and long term safety of your loved ones.

Audio Visual Monitoring: Travelling out of town on business? Or just going out on a date? Our audio visual monitoring helps you keep track of your home and the safety of your family.

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Professionally Designed, Installed, And Monitored Security Systems

Did you know that an audible alarm system is the reason why 74% of intrusions have gone uncompleted? When your home lacks an alarm system, it’s three times more likely to be the target of a burglary.

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure within their home, but threats outside of our control linger around us. The State Department of Justice FBI states that burglaries have steadily grown in number with each decade. Of those, 73.9 percent of all burglaries happen in residencies. Data also shows that every 15 seconds, a burglary occurs and every 1.5 minutes, a robbery takes place. Crime figures demonstrate each home has a higher chance of being a break-in target than not.

Trinity Wiring Solutions provides state-of-the-art security alarm solutions to protect you and your family day and night. Our cellular radio network monitors your home and equipment 24/7, which sends reports to our advanced Central Station monitoring facility.

Trinity Wiring Solutions works hand-in-hand with the Alarm.com web portal and web-enabled devices so you can access and control your home remotely. Not only will you be able to control your security system, but you’ll be able to take control of your home’s HVAC, lighting, and other features.

Since 2001, Trinity Wiring Solutions has been the trusted name for professional service and care in all facets of residential and commercial low voltage solutions.

What Happens When There Is An Alarm?

Your Security System Alarm Sounds!!! What Happens Next? – Our security alarm system can perform many functions, but its main goal is to maintain the safety of you, your family, property, and assets. When an alarm is triggered, you’ll have the ability to turn off the alarm with your personalized code before the system notifies the monitoring station. The only exception is in case of fire or medical alarm, the monitoring station is immediately notified to send the appropriate emergency authorities. Here’s a step-by-step of the process of our system’s response in event of an alarm.

Control Much More Than Just Your Security

Our security systems utilize Alarm.com systems and touchscreens that grant you full control of your home’s security systems. You can monitor your functions, adjust your preferences, and more with two-way voice pendants, doorbells, cameras, and more, all operated through the Alarm.com desktop access, app and Trinity’s paired smartphone app. You have the freedom to choose your favorite mode of operation. With our smart screens and paired app, your home will become highly responsive to your preferences. Here’s a few things you can do with our smart security solutions:

  • Arm and disarm your security alarm system.
  • Lock and unlock exterior doors with smart locks.
  • Open and close your garage door.
  • View your cameras to see who is at the front door.
  • Adjust and manage your smart thermostat.
  • Turn your smart lights on and off.
  • Program timed “scenes” to activate your ideal settings.
  • Monitor for flooding around your water heater, washing machine, and dish washer.
  • Plus, much more…

Please note that 3 rd party smart devices are required for some of the above features. Ask your salesperson for more details.

Trinity Wiring Solutions Security Touch Screen

What our customers are saying

Trinity wiring did all of the wiring in our in our new home as well as the security and door camera and bell. They will be now installing cameras in our home. They are highly respective , intelligent and class organization. And EXTREMELY Responsive!!

– Douglas B.

Bought a home security system in addition to some additional Low-Voltage wiring options in my new construction home. Very easy to work with and pricing was better than expected. Final install just happened yesterday by Carlos and he was fantastic. Walked me through all of my home security features and made sure I knew how to integrate additional smart home features if I wanted to down the road. Great customer experience!

– Eric D.

Shannon at Trinity Wiring Solutions has helped me expand our security systems for all of my warehouse locations, and at my home as well. Her, along with the entire company, have been great to work with & I highly recommend them for anyone seeking security systems, cameras & any of their other products. They are a great local company who stands by their products & especially their loyal customers (like me!).

– James H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register my security system with the County?

It depends. Every county has different regulations, but most counties do require you to register your system with them. You can find more information at your county’s FARU (False Alarm Reduction Unit) or by calling your local police department’s non-emergency number.

Will changing service providers affect my security system?

Possibly. If you are running off a phone line or IP (Internet Router) this could cause your system to stop communicating with out 24-hour monitoring station. If you are thinking about switching providers, please let us know so we can send a technician out to reroute your system.

Will getting rid of your phone line affect my security system?

Yes, if you are communicating with a phone line, removing it will cause your system to stop communicating.

How can I update my billing information?
  • Log into your customer portal
  • Enter your personal information (customer number and registration key can be found on your latest invoice or statement)
  • Follow the prompt to create login information
  • Once logged in, you must click on CC/CHECK tab
  • Easily update your billing information
When is my first payment due?

The day your security system is activated.

Do you offer home automation?

Yes, call our main office for pricing and additional information.

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