Frequently asked questions

Do I have to register my security system with my county?

It depends. Every county has different regulations, but most counties do require you to register your system with them. You can find more information at your county’s FARU (False Alarm Reduction Unit) or by calling your local police departments’ non-emergency number. You can click the following link for additional information: Is it Really That Important to Register with the County?

Will changing service providers affect my security system?
Possibly. If you’re running off a phone line or IP (Internet Router) this could cause your system to stop communicating with our 24-hour monitoring station. If you are thinking about switching providers, please let us know so we can send a technician out to reroute your system.
Will getting rid of your phone line affect my security system?
Possibly. If you are communicating with a phone line, removing it will cause your system to stop communicating.
How do I test my security system?
You can put your system on test via the app, by going to Monitoring Settings and selecting System Test Mode. You can also call our 24-hour monitoring station at 1-800-432-1429 and ask to put your system on “test” to begin performing your monthly system test. If you would like a walkthrough, please call our technical support team and they would be happy to help!
What if I have a 6F or BF on my keypad?
Give us a call right away! This means that your system has temporarily stopped communicating with our central station and we either need to run a test remotely or send a technician out to reset your system.
How can I update my billing information?
  1. Log into your customer portal
  3. Enter your personal information (customer number and registration key can be found on your latest invoice or statement)
  4. Follow the prompt to create login information
  5. Once logged in, you must click on CC/ECHECK tab
  6. Easily update your billing information

If you have any trouble logging in, call us at 800-613-1874 and we would be happy to help!

When is my first payment due?
The day that your security system is activated.
How often do you bill me?
We bill quarterly, but if you would like to change your billing options, just give us a call and we will switch you to an option that works best for you.
Do you offer home automation?
Yes, call our main office for pricing and additional information.
What is your mailing address?
P.O BOX 222790 Chantilly, VA 20153
How can I request a yard sign?
Please go to the Support > Contact Us and submit a ticket, our customer care team will then mail you one right away!