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Policy – Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?

We encourage all of our customers to opt into automatic, paperless billing and payments. Not only is this method of billing better for the environment, it also saves our customers time and effort, reducing the need to write a check or call in to make a payment.

For more billing related questions, please check out our billing frequently asked questions page. To view and manage your account, please visit your Customer Portal.

What should I do if I am moving?

If you’re planning to move anywhere in our service locations of D.C., Maryland or Virginia let us help you move your Trinity system to your new home! Please call 703-257-9403 for further assistance.

Does Trinity offer a warranty on equipment?

Yes. If you are an active security customer.

Are there special considerations for active-duty military families?

As always, we would like to honor our military families and show our appreciation to them for keeping our country safe. Trinity is proud to offer flexible policies for military families to meet their needs. If you are moving due to military orders and have remaining months left on your agreement, please send us your orders to cancels@trinitywiringsolutions.com and we will waive the remaining months.

What is Trinity’s cancellation procedure?

The process to cancel your Trinity agreement varies depending on how much time remains on your agreement. In order for the Trinity Cancellation Department to fully process your cancellation, you must fill out the DocuSign that will be sent to you once you notify our team of your intent to cancel. We must have that document filled out and sent back to us to ensure your account is cancelled on the date that is written on the form. If you have past due invoices remaining on your account or are canceling before your service agreement is complete you must pay any outstanding balances or buyout* of the system in order for your cancellation to be processed in full.

*The buyout of your system is the depreciated amount of your equipment from the date of installation.

If I am unable to fulfill the terms of my agreement, what options are available to me?

If you are unable to fulfill the terms of your agreement due to moving, you may transfer your service to your new residence (in the service areas of D.C., Maryland or Virginia), the new homeowners may take over the remaining months of your agreement or you may pay the buyout* of your system.

*The buyout of your system is the depreciated amount of your equipment from the date of installation.

Does Trinity offer customers a referral program?

Yes! Trinity offers a comprehensive referral program to our active security customers. Trinity customers receive a 3 month credit that is applied to their account for each customer they refer, as long as the referred customer activates with us!

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