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3G Sunset – Migration to LTE

What is the 3G Sunset?

As major cell carriers in our region such as Verizon and AT&T are progressing in network capabilities, they are keeping up with data and the ongoing evolution of technology. Therefore, our devices and wireless carriers are shutting off or “sunsetting” older networks such as 3G, CDMA and GSM to make investments in LTE networks.

How does this affect me?

If you have received an email/text communication from our team, that means your security system is currently communicating with a 3G GSM/CDMA and your system needs to be upgraded as soon as possible. Your system uses a device called a GSM to communicate to our monitoring station using the cell towers in your region, and in the coming months all cell towers across the nation will be switching over to LTE. At that time, your radio will be obsolete and therefore your system will no longer be able to communicate.

To continue your ongoing service, we want to ensure that your radio is upgraded before this shut-off happens as the cell tower providers do not make us aware of the exact shut-off dates. Please fill out the form by clicking here and our team will get you on schedule for the next available date we are in your area.

What does the 3G upgrade entail?

The 3G upgrade requires a Trinity Technician to go out to your home to replace the GSM chip that your system uses to communicate to our central station. The technician will take out the old GSM and replace it with the new LTE GSM and reprogram it into your system. Once that has been done, you will receive a form via DocuSign to fill out stating that you have received a new account number.

What happens if I don’t upgrade to 4G/LTE?

Because the 3G networks we currently use will be shutting down, your system will stop communicating to our 24/7 monitoring station. Without a connection, we will not be able to assist in the event of an emergency.Tabs Layout uses top categories for its tabs, and therefore, it cannot contain articles. Add your articles to sub-categories.

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