How to Support Your Local Business

Apr 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

Small businesses provide personality and individualism to our cities and communities. Local businesses are not only an integral part of our community but also an integral part of our economy. No city has the exact same businesses, buildings, parks, artwork, or people making each city that much more unique and impactful. Small businesses also provide many employment opportunities helping supply income to families across the nation.

The tourism industry relies heavily on local businesses to help generate income to help put back into our communities. However, with everything that is going on in the world today, the tourism industry has taken a big blow. In order to help entrepreneurs, who have families of their own, continue to provide a meaningful service to our community we need to continue to support in any way that we can. We have put together a list of ways that you can support your local businesses and keep them on their feet.


  1. Buy online

If Amazon has slowly taken over your everyday life, online shopping is nothing new to you. If your favorite boutique or retail store is continuing to stay open, try ordering your favorite products on their website. Business owners will be more than happy to ship out their products to you safely for you to enjoy.

  1. Reschedule your appointment instead of cancelling

To help your local restaurant, spa, or service provider stay in business, rescheduling your appointment instead of cancelling can help ensure the business is still able to provide services in the future and can correctly account for any materials that are needed.

  1. Tip your service workers a little extra

Many servers, bartenders, hair stylists and other service workers rely heavily on tips as their source of income. If you can, tip generously to help provide that person with some form of stability.

  1. Ask for alternatives being offered by the business

Businesses are coming up with new and alternative ways that they can keep providing their services. Gyms are now offering virtual training guides, stores are offering curbside pickup for their products, and some businesses are even creating extra informative content on their social media. Trinity Wiring Solutions, LLC is offering “No Contact” installations where customers have the option of choosing to install a product themselves with the help of a Trinity representative over the phone or through video.

  1. Keep paying your membership and subscriptions even if they’ve been suspended

Many businesses know the hardship that many families are facing right now and are adjusting their business practices to ensure that they are taking into consideration the situation. However, if you can continue to support a membership, small business owners will be greatly appreciative.

  1. Buy gift cards for later

Businesses will be open again soon. Buying a gift can be a treat for yourself, a friend or family member in the future!

  1. Order pick-up or delivery

We all miss Margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, and Friday Happy Hours with our friends, coworkers, and family. Many of our favorite local restaurants are continuing to stay open by shifting their business practices by complying to CDC regulations to be able to generate some sort of income as well as providing customers with delicious food. Why not order to-go or have it delivered to enjoy with your families!

  1. Share your favorite local businesses on social media

Supporting your local community doesn’t have to be expensive. Sharing a page, post, or giving a like takes just a few seconds out of your day and can go a long way for a local business!

  1. Leave reviews

Leaving a review or simply sending a kind message can go the extra mile for a local business. Many small businesses depend on reviews to help spread the word of their services and to get people to try their business out.

  1. Keep paying your gardener, babysitter, nanny, or house cleaner

Many people who depend on a regular income are greatly impacted by this pandemic. If you can, continue to pay your gardener, babysitter, nanny, or house cleaner to help ensure they are still able to support their families!


Maintaining a sense of normalcy is important for everyone at a difficult time like this. Supporting your favorite local business can allow you to feel like your normal selves by enjoying the products and services that make you happy. If you have the income to continue to support a local business in any way, your local business owners will greatly appreciate you! If you don’t have any discretionary income, you can still help support your local community by sharing a post, page, giving a like, or simply sending a kind note. The important thing is to remember that our local businesses need us to continue to support them so that our communities and cities continue to flourish.