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Security Systems for Retail Stores

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Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions provides clients across Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC with high-quality custom retail store security systems. Because we’re an award-winning security company with multiple award-winning monitoring sites across the country, you can rest assured that when you choose Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions to design and implement your security systems, you’re securing your retail store or shopping center to the fullest extent possible.

Get started on designing a security system for your retail store or shopping center in the DC area today. Dial 800-613-1874 or contact us online to begin.

Retail Security Challenges: Why Your Retail Store or Shopping Center Needs a Custom-Designed Security System

If your retail store or shopping center doesn’t currently have a proper security system in place, you’re no doubt already aware of at least some of the consequences of poor security in retail spaces. A good security system combines monitoring, simple deterrence, and access control to prevent these and other threats to your property, employees, and buildings:

  • Theft and shoplifting. Even a simple camera system, well-placed, can deter large amounts of theft.
  • Violent robbery. Good access control for secure areas and video cameras greatly deter potential robberies.
  • Break-ins and burglary. Make it more trouble than it’s worth for burglars to enter your premises, and they’ll move on to softer targets.
  • Employee harassment or assault. Retail employees often face abuse, harassment, or even assault from customers. Discourage these behaviors with surveillance and other security features.
  • Use of premises for criminal activity. On a large retail property, including larger stores and shopping centers, unmonitored areas of your property can become hotbeds of criminal activity — which ultimately harms your business even if it doesn’t directly harm your property or employees.
  • Vandalism. Convince taggers, drunks, and bored teenagers to take their destructive impulses elsewhere with simple surveillance technology.
  • High-tech threats (i.e., RFID scanners and hacks). High-tech threats are a serious consideration in any space, including retail. If employees or customers fall prey to high-tech threats, such as RFID scanners on your premises, it’s bad for business.

Learn more about these threats and what our team can do about them today by dialing 800-613-1874 or reaching out to us online.

Our Security Solutions

Access control systems

Keep secure areas secure with access control systems. Know who has been where with access by keycards, personalized key codes, key fobs, phone-in systems, and other options.

Retail video surveillance systems

Effective video surveillance is perhaps the most important component in any retail security plan. Our technology will provide you with 24/7 monitoring of your premises, backed up locally and to the cloud, streamable and searchable at your leisure. Remote access your video feeds for off-site monitoring of your property and employees at any time.

Wall safes and wall safe monitoring systems

Secure cash and other high-value or high-risk items for peace of mind and the safety of your employees with our premium wall safe and safe monitoring solutions.

24-hour building monitoring from on-call professionals

Your security systems can be monitored 24/7 by on-call professionals, ready to take action the moment something goes awry.

Customizable building security solutions

Every business has its own unique concerns and challenges when it comes to security. Allow our team of security system professionals to help you design a truly custom retail security solution.

Why Choose Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions?

Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions has provided premium electronics and security services to our clients across North Virginia, DC, and Maryland for over 20 years. We’ve won awards, developed strong long-term relationships with our clients, and earned consistent high reviews because we take the long view to every interaction, with an emphasis on superior customer service and exceeding customer expectations at every step.

Find out why we’re rated a Top-100 Security Company in the United States by SDM Magazine. Reach out to us by dialing 800-613-1874 or contact us online to get started.

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“During our installation process, the technicians were knowledgeable and explained every step. The best part is the pricing for the quality of service. The value…”

“I would like to commend the Trinity reps for their outstanding customer service. In every interaction they demonstrated a keen knowledge and were able to…”

“Trinity is the very best out there. Anytime that I have a question, issue or concern, they jump right in and take care of it.…”

“Trinity Wiring and Security Solutions has given my family peace of mind. We always know that our house is secure and the system is easy…”

“Liam helped us from start to finish on our security system needs. He was knowledgeable, understanding and helpful throughout the process. He catered to our…”

“Trinity was also able to put a surround sound system in our family room. Thanks to Trinity, this room in our home is now better…”

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Why Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions?
The Best Choice for Audio/Visual & Access Control Security Solutions

Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions is your all-in-one security solution. Integrate audio/visual features and enjoy custom automation for convenience, enhanced protection, and energy-saving purposes.

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